Paul David Madsen, Author, America's Job Coach, career coachgrowmedia.com is an Omaha, Nebraska-based publishing services firm which enables you to discover your most marketable assets and to strategically distribute that story to the marketplace. 

Founder Paul D. Madsen's passion is to help start-ups, wannabe entrepreneurs, small firms and content creators in all media to grow their imprint and get their voice heard. We do this via our seminars and personalized coaching.

growmedia.com has inspired over 1,000 people who've attended our seminars. Paul has interviewed over 20,000 upwardly mobile people, published four books, hosted a talk radio program with national guests, and created business content on YouTube, Facebook,  LinkedIn and Twitter. We've conducted a crowdfunding campaign and have 7 books in our production pipeline.

Laid Off and Loving for 2010 by Paul David MadsenPaul’s book, “Laid Off & Loving It,” first released in 2001, was completely updated as “Laid Off & Loving It for 2010” focusing on Social Media's role in career marketing.  Other published works under  the growmedia.com label include a thriller novel and a World War II biography. Please see our "Products" page.

Mr. Madsen founded two job placement/staffing  firms, successfully ran P&L for a branch of a publicly-held  staffing firm, and has worked an in-house (HR) recruiter for “brand name” employers. He’s hired or placed over 600 professionals giving him a strong feel for what working people want.  

The growmedia.com Team

Our growmedia.com team is comprised of a core group of highly capable and trusted, world-class professionals. The backgrounds of these experts includes film, videography, video editing, sound, SEO, text editing, publishing and small business marketing.